Software for Flea Market Booth Rentals

Comprehensive Space Rental and Management Software designed to automate the space rental process for Flea Markets, Indoor Markets, Swap Meets etc. that provides a comprehensive solution for effective management of booth and vendor related activities with color-coded dynamic graphical layout capabilities

Key Features:

Web Rental
The Anytime Anywhere Accessible Online Rental Office for Flea Markets

Text Messenger
Improve Cash Flow with Timely Alerts on Space Renewals and Payment Reminders to Vendors!

Android based management software
Android based wireless management software module for Flea Markets, Indoor Markets and Swap meets. This module provides the freedom to rent spaces, Check-In vendors, mark absentee spaces on the spot and enter payments, while walking around the flea market or swap meet with an Android tablet and without having to physically connect to the server in the rental office.

Android Market Walkthrough
E-SoftSys, based on feedback from flea market owners and managers has come up with yet another innovative solution - the Android Market Walkthrough module for legal compliance and vendor audit. Ability to do a market walkthrough using an Android tablet and capture required information of vendors selling counterfeit items or vendors violating flea market rules

Online Management Reports
A web based add-on module for tracking the day to day activities of flea market by just logging into the website from Laptop/Android Tablets/iPad, iPhone anywhere anytime.
Software For Flea Markets

Shopper Admission
The Android based Shopper Admission module gives the option to define Admission and Parking tickets as well as track the tickets sold in a wireless mode. The tickets can be issued to shoppers of flea market / swap meet using an Android tablet and without having to physically connect to the server in the rental office.

Trade Show
The premier booth rental management software designed to streamline the management of Tradeshows, Event Planners, Exhibitions etc. provides a color-coded dynamic floor plan & web interface for exhibitors to rent or reserve booths online. This software streamlines the business processes and assists in the effective management of organizing shows or events by reducing costs, increasing revenue and improving customer service.

Vendor Directory
A comprehensive, searchable online directory for shoppers that provides key information highlighting the various products and services being offered by vendors